IT Helpdesk 2nd Line

FRISTA 2nd Line support specialists provide valuable assistance for our clients’ IT systems. We diagnose problems, confirm their validity, investigate the underlying root cause and implement the required solutions. We solve your IT problems. Due to our extensive industry know-how, technical skills and diverse experience we do it fast and effectively. Because of our support, you can focus on your core activities with no worries about IT system efficiency.

We provide maintenance of key IT actions involving Software, Hardware and Local Area Network (LAN), at the same time supporting all our clients’ employees in their daily challenges with IT equipment (Citrix, CISCO devices, PCs).

All our specialists have an IT education background and in-depth knowledge of processes that transform and improve the businesses, with special skills in the retail sector.

Our responsibility is to coordinate the technical side of the new openings of offices and stores, including configuration of new network devices, Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory management (user creation, change accesses). We also collaborate with external providers who support our client on-site.

We are experienced in SAP Omnichannel POS software and the Columbus system that is used by 1,000 Retailers in 30,000 stores. We administer the IT change, People Counter camera system and the leading ticketing tools.

Our IT engineers are dedicated to providing top-notch support for all actions that require specific solutions. We identify system damage and coordinate and improve the processes. We provide a varied range of IT maintenance support – from maintaining cash desk systems, through supervising operating and storage systems to monitoring structures.

As our IT operations contribute to the efficiency of the place that your money is processed, we stay focused and responsible.

We draw on our experience in conducting international projects for taking retail backups to the next level and deliver a remarkable service. We are expanding our expertise as part of a game-changing project – replacing our client’s outdated system (Columbus) with a custom-made system delivered by SAP GK Software for Apparel. This experience makes us the only service provider in the world that supports this kind of breakthrough. Thus we have gained experience in implementing a system that will soon be available for other companies and sectors throughout the world.