Master Data Management

How do you improve the quality and accessibility of every-day data? Master Data Management (MDM) is the solution that helps you work in an increasingly complex reality. In FRISTA, we use this comprehensive method to combine all your critical data into one file which serves as a common point of reference. Our smooth actions and deep understanding of industry needs makes us ready to perform the best MDM processes for collecting, aggregating and quality-assuring data.

FRISTA uniquely provides error free and fast Master Data services for the creation of Customers, Vendors, and Articles. Our team is also responsible upon request for creating the framework for newly opened units in the system and modelling its profile to make it accessible for all users, including all contractors in the SAP system through the MDM structure, which provides the internal control of business relations.

Our system of internal controls guarantees error free data entry while our lean methodology enforces process efficiency. The main advantages that our clients gain are security and being in control. We are dedicated to making all MDM processes as smooth and timely managed as possible. Experience and up-to-date knowledge of different business models make us the masters of Master Data Management.