Omnichannel Customer Service

How do you maintain client satisfaction and long-standing loyalty? Respond to their requests using omnichannel solutions. FRISTA is very aware that customer care is the cornerstone of retail business prosperity and that is why our team is strongly focused on keeping it paramount. We streamline your customer service by delivering exceptional Omnichannel services.

Handling customer complaints can easily fall low on the priority list as you manage seemingly more important processes. Our team is dedicated to answering plenty of enquiries every day. We use different languages, providing support for our customers around the world who are both from traditional retail as well as e-commerce channels.

We are devoted to finding the best solution for every kind of difficulty, whether it is a standard enquiry about a new offer or a specific case about factory-made defects. Our top priority is to serve our clients’ needs by putting our greatest potential to work and applying multiple channels for them to interact with their customers. We use e-mail, telephone and social media to keep in touch with end consumers. We apply sophisticated tools and procedures to deliver a consistent and flawless service, such as the Zendesk application.

We ensure your customers receive the help they need exactly when they need it. We develop our SLAs and raise our bar to serve the end users in the best manner – our first contact is guaranteed within the first 24 hours from notification.


The main advantage of Omnichannel Customer Service is that you can monitor handling of complaints in real time and gain full control of your customers’ satisfaction.