Why frista

The advantages that will drive your success

Qualified and passion-driven team

FRISTA major asset is a motivated team focused on satisfying our customers’ needs. Knowledge of English and 6 other languages, higher education and a unique set of skills in the Finance and IT fields are the factors that make us ready to accomplish remarkable goals. We are flexible and can adapt quickly to maintaining high quality under changing circumstances.

We are team players – our advantage lies not only in the integrated solutions, but in the integrated teams. We put very strong focus on our recruitment, finding the very best talents to fulfil our customers’ needs.

Zero-error policy

Delivering highest quality to our customers is guaranteed by our specially designed processes. Through the system of internal control and strong leadership we ensure a policy of zero error.

We focus on constructive communication with our clients as we strive for continuous improvement of the quality and efficiency of all our activities.

Substantial price advantage

Because we created our efficient structure and already have retail customers on board, we can deliver our services with the highest quality, attractively priced.

We always find the best solution for our customers and we keep contracts and pricing models as straightforward and transparent as possible. For us, the long-term partnership with our clients and mutual focus on constant improvement is what distinguishes us from other large BPO Suppliers.

Compliance & Confidentiality

We always adapt to our customers’ expectations and, at the same time, guarantee full compliance. Our team consists of experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge in their area of expertise and many of our managers are former auditors.

We promote confidentiality as one of our main objectives. As a professional service provider, we build our reputation on the trust of our clients.

Direct and effortless collaboration

The heart of Warsaw is a location that makes us reachable and always ready to welcome you at our main office. Watching the work of people who are devoted to fulfilling your business goals provides you with extra perspective.

FRISTA employees are eager to demonstrate their skills and walk you through every detail of your core processes. Alternatively, we are equipped with Life-size Video Conference Systems and Skype. Therefore, collaboration is always easy.

Advanced solutions

FRISTA supports its clients in running agile processes by digitally-enabled business solutions. Our Lean practice enables us to standardise, optimise and automatize your processes by applying the latest technology.

In FRISTA, all processes are based on advanced and secure systems that enable our clients to reduce costs and mitigate all possible risks.

We run effective purchase-to-pay (P2P) by applying intelligent OCR solutions, provided by KOFAX, as well as the accounts payable electronic workflow of Basware. Our experienced SAP FI/CO and SD consultants transform the order to cash area (O2C) into seamless, automatised and efficient process.

We provide IT support in accordance with ITIL. We use the leading Help Desk ticketing system, based on a cloud solution (Zendesk), as our Omnichannel customer support platform, and the Dialoga cloud call manager system.

Business Process Improvement

Process development is all about improving the way of working by identifying waste and creating the most efficient processes that bring the best results and provide added value.

In FRISTA, we aim to make more efficient use of resources and improve the quality of our services. To transform this ambition into reality, we apply Lean principles, industry best practices and standards as well as RPA solutions.

Beneficial location - Warsaw & Poland

An environment where a large number of back-office processes are outsourced plays a pivotal role in the success of a business. It is of great importance to make the right choice of location as it creates the conditions under which a company operates.

FRISTA, with its Process Service Centre located in Poland, in the very heart of Warsaw, has a cost-effective location, abundant in advantages:


Frista has helped us to reduce our cost and make us more agile while adhering faithfully to our high-quality standards.
The collaboration between the teams in Basel and Warsaw is open and supportive. The teams are working together on continuous improvements to shorten the closing dates and to further increase efficiencies.

Peter Graschi


I am impressed by the high engagement of staff as well as management members.
Clients benefit from high quality Level Services, being created and delivered by Frista.

Erwin Blöchlinger

Co-Founder & Partner ZugerManagementGroup Switzerland